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London Hen Party
London Travel

UndergoundThe Tube

Yes that enduring landmark of London is still the main way to get from A to B.

Print your own tube map HERE

Day and 3 Day Travelcards are available at £6.20 and £15.40 respectively (at time of writing) or you can buy a pay-as-you-go Oyster card, which you top up.

Running Times
Trains run from about 5 in the morning through to 12.30 / 1 am in the morning. Don't rely on the tube to get you back from a 2 am club finish, you might need to keep dancing until dawn!


The congestion charge
It has reduced traffic in the centre and made cycling a little less hazardous. It costs £8 a day to drive in London weekdays from 7.00 am – 6.30pm.


Bus travel is included in a travel card or oyster and may be preferable in the early hours. There are thousands of buses/ routes so consult the official travel for London route planner HERE - it will tell you whether bus, train, or a combination is suitable for your hen weekend transportation.

Night buses
Night Buses can be recognised by the prefix ‘N’ in front of the route number.

Routes sometimes differ from day services so check the service timetable, which appears in blue at bus stops. Passengers must always request a Night Bus to stop.

24-hour buses
Buses which run a 24-hour service are indicated at bus stops and on timetables by a symbol.



Find out if a cab firm is licensed here. Beware of unlicensed "mini-cabs". All legitimate private hire vehicles and operators are now licensed by Transport for License DiscLondon so that passengers can easily identitfy legal minicabs. You can tell by this yellow disc. It is illegal for mini-cabs to pick up from the street, always pre-book by phone or use taxi-ranks.


Often overlooked, the Thames is a great way to see London, it gives you a perspective that you just don't get by Bus. Get a feel for the history of London - relax on a leisurely cruise of the sites in Luxury, or try the Greenwich ferry!

Get the details HERE


Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead are all used for travel into London, although Heathrow is the only one served by the underground. You can find airport information here.


Yes, this is a website for hens so we thought it a good idea to include a few words on the subject. A little oulandish, too showy? Too expensive? Maybe not. Try these limo hire companies, they love hen nights and wouldn't you just feel so glam stepping out of one?


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