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Hen Night Dares
A hen night wouldn't be the same without some good old-fashioned dares and double-dares.

Fun and games are what a hen party is all about and a great ingredient is always some version of truth or dare. Of course everyone must play but especially if it's a hen night it is the hen queens task to perform the most outlandish hen night dares if at all possible. If your hen queen is shy and retiring you should coax gently and occasionally you may skip some of the more extreme challenges. the main thing is to have fun! London Hen Nights


Here are 10 Challenges the future Bride must successfully complete in order to graduate and become a lifetime member of The Married Woman's Club. Each challenge must be supervised, approved and signed by a witness who is a member of the assosiation (also known as one of the girls). Please note that these challenges must be performed in a public place, such as a restaurant, bar, club, etc... 

   The No-show  Off, Off, Off!

Remove an item of underwear without leaving the table. - Yes, you are allowed to wriggle, and your hen night garter doesn’t count. You did wear clean undies didn't you? When removed, show the waiter at the next visit and see if he can guess who's it is!"

   The Chantelle  Oh my god!

Just like the good old Essex girl, can you convince a stranger that you’re someone famous to secure a free drink? You could be from Bananarama or Baywatch, Coronation Street or The Pussycat Dolls, the choice is yours.  Tonight Matthew I will be...

   The Pants Off  Get 'em off!

Using all your charm can you convince a man to part with his underwear for you, who knows you might not want to give it back. Let’s just hope it’s not a thong and that he remembered to change it this morning.

   The Official  Allo, Allo!

Find a man in uniform and smacker up, maybe a policeman but just make sure you don’t get arrested for feeling his truncheon! Or perhaps you might prefer a hunky paramedic who could give you the kiss of life? Whatever takes your fancy; it’s your night after all.

   Dancing Queen  Groovy!

Request a tragically cheesy tune from the DJ and then dance your heart out. If you choose “Saturday Night” by Whigfield you just better make sure you know all the moves. Alternatively you could choose some Ricky Martin look-alike and practise your dirty dancing with a tall dark stranger.

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