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Fun Hen Stuff

For easy to print version of the 10 dares to take with you on your night




   The French Hen  Pucker up!

Tongue kiss one of your hens. Ruffle some feathers and give one of your mates a treat, last one to down their drink gets a nice snog from their bride to be. You might feel insulted with the speed that some of the drinks go down.

   Black Book   Number up!

Look around for a dark haired, female beauty in a red dress. Then using all your best chat up lines you need to get her phone number without giving her a clue as to why. This may be the last chance that you get a strangers number so give it your best shot.

   The Linguistic  Greek to me!

Are you a cunning-linguist or do you just get tongue-tied? Go to the bar and attempt to order a drink in a foreign language, if you have no tongue skills then just try and blag it, a bit of cleavage and a charming smile is the same in any language.

   The Catch-up  It's me!

Speak to a stranger of your choice and pretend you remember them from a steamy night years back. If you can manage to embarrass them into pretending they remember you then you get to pick someone else to do your next dare for you.

   Counsellor  Karma Sutra

Find a married couple and get them talking about how they keep their marriage spicy. Ask them for their sexual advice - positions that work, costumes that don’t! If you can even get them to draw diagrams then everyone with you has to buy you a drink.

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